Prototype Development of the IntaCept Testing and Tagging System is nearing completion

A unique feature to IntaCept Limited's (ASSOB: ITC) digital tagging system is its innovative approach to asset tracking and data management, making the IntaCept tag a new quick and easy approach to maintaining records and compliance with AS/NZ 3760 the "In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment".

Being developed concurrently with the IntaCept tag device is a smart phone App and Cloud based database, meaning that electrical equipment safety and asset management records are always updated, easily accessed and maintained. This will be especially useful in larger multi-site complex work environments, where the potential for electrical equipment to be moved from one site to another is high.

This unique feature also will have some added asset management advantages, and it is the view of the IntaCept board that future models of the IntaCept tag may be very well suited to assist organisations with asset management and the global tracking of assets.

David Bull's design and development team at BCS International have been working on the product development and have completed the mechanical design, PCB design, Firmware, and IOS Software, resulting in a full systems demonstration being scheduled for when the board next meets on Friday the 1st of August, 2014.

In accordance with the Company's Offer Document, further funds raised will now be used to move the Company into a marketing and sales, manufacturing and distribution.

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Posted by Courtney Barber, ASSOB eNews Editor, ASSOB Pty Ltd.