IntaCept prototypes ready for testing; strategic partners in place

IntaCept Limited (ASSOB: ITC) has announced, that in accordance with plans outlined in its Offer Document, it expects to complete its first five water proof and dust proof prototypes for functional and Australian regulatory testing in June 2014. 

In its first 100 days as a public company, Intacept's management team has also progressed discussions with potential strategic partners to support its move to full production. Significant among these is TRIO Test and Measurement, a South Australian manufacturer of high quality Portable Appliance Testers. TRIO’s approach aligns with Intacept's strategic values of innovation, safety and compliance. TRIO already has a strong presence in the Portable Appliance Testing market.

TRIO manufactures the highly regarded SafeTcheck portable appliance testers, that are setting new standards for electrical safety tagging equipment. Robert Billing, Operations Director of TRIO Test and Measurement ( & says that, "TRIO Test and Measurement can see that the IntaCept Tag is well placed to complement our SafeTcheck Portable Appliance Testers. The potential to have our testers seamlessly communicate with the new IntaCept Tag via a smartphone and associated data management software will provide a new Portable Appliance Testing solution that is not currently available in the market place."

The Board of IntaCept Limited is further bolstered by the acceptance of their technology by TRIO Test and Measurement, as this substantiates earlier market research which indicated that the IntaCept Tag will be providing a unique Portable Appliance Testing solution to support electrical safety in the workplace. The Company intends to further enhance its relationship with TRIO Test and Measurement, so that the companies can to continue to collaborate on further product and market development.

Intacept's Round 1 was fully subscribed during its VIP phase on the ASSOB platform and only 6 parcels are still available in Round 2. Since completing Round 1, the Company has also fully developed its branding strategy, finalised its website and marketing collateral and secured the services of its CEO. 

The Company expects to be production ready by the start of the 2014-15 financial year. 

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Posted by Courtney Barber, ASSOB eNews Editor, ASSOB Pty Ltd.