IntaCept News - June 2017

IntaCept is pleased to announce recent discussions with a potential sales distributor partner company, Control Synergy Pty Ltd.

Control Synergy is based in Newcastle NSW, and is a specialty distributor focusing on the wireless communications market throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Control Synergy is a supplier of high quality radios, antennas and accessories with more than 15 years’ experience, and has regular contact with the Work Health and Safety departments of many large companies.

IntaCept and Control Synergy are working together to integrate the IntaCept Tag into their product offering.  The IntaCept Tag complements other Work Health and Safety and asset management products already offered by Control Synergy.  A partnership would allow IntaCept to leverage the sales skills and expertise of an experienced company operating within the same market sector targeted by the IntaCept Tag.

“Partnering with a distributor such as Control Synergy allows IntaCept to focus on our core business of disruptive technology development, while being confident that our product is being introduced to our target markets by sales experts.”

– Mark Lynn, CEO of IntaCept Ltd

“In today’s business environment, compliance with work health and safety standards are mandatory to ensure the safety and protection of people and the safe and reliable operation of all electrical equipment. Regular inspection and testing is critical to maintain these safety standards.  Control Synergy is excited to represent IntaCept with their innovative products that incorporate the very latest technology available today to comply with these standards.  The IntaCept system ensures that the highest standards of safety will be exceeded with ease and efficiency and with a paperless system.”

– David Croxford, CEO of Control Synergy