IntaCept live on ASSOB with Round 1 filled

The Board of IntaCept Limited (ASSOB: ITC) is very pleased to announce that their offer went live on the ASSOB platform on the 3rd of March 2014. During their Early Bird / VIP mode, they achieved full subscription of Round 1 and the Board resolved to accept over-subscriptions, meaning that Round 2 has only 6 parcels left available. This was achieved even before going live on the ASSOB board.

The Company's next most critical step is the implementation of their final product development plans to get the IntaCept Tag to a commercial and manufacture-ready product. Funding received to date has enabled the Board to immediately progress this very important aspect of their business plan and they hope to see the results of this become a reality over the next 14-16 weeks.

The Company are now ready to further develop strategic interest in their innovative Work Health and Safety device, the IntaCept Tag. This will include commencing the engagement and the marketing development of their approach to "Original Equipment Manufactures” that manufacture electrical equipment and tools for the hazardous environment. Through their market research, the Company have identified this target market as the generator of the greatest commercial and strategic value for their product.

John Vanderhout, Director and Chairman of IntaCept Limited said, “We are now entering the most exciting phase of implementing our commercialisation plans and I wish to thank those that have supported us since the commencement of the IntaCept Tag project. You have enabled us to realise the potential of this great Work Health and Safety product. I am looking forward to providing you with further updates in the near future as we continue to move forward and realise our vision on improved worker health and safety and compliance in the workplace, both in Australia and in international markets”.

Posted by Courtney Barber, ASSOB eNews Editor, ASSOB Pty Ltd.