IntaCept to Develop App for Digital Tag - Final Prototype Testing in July

IntaCept Limited (ASSOB: ITC) has announced that in accordance with the milestones laid out in its Offer Document, the Board has approved the expenditure of funds for the further development of its data management systems, that will support the final phase of the IntaCept product development.

The data management systems includes the development of an App suitable for Android and Apple smartphones, that will greatly improve the overall data and cloud based asset management processes that this digital tag will deliver.

The board considers that the back end "cloud" database system will be provide the IntaCept Tag with the best competitive advantage for entry into the electrical safety product market and that the App will also provide the backbone for further asset management and digital tag product extensions.

The IntaCept PAT Tag casing has now been finalised and has been reduced in size for ease of handling. It will now be further ruggedised to ensure that it is suitable for installation Into "hostile” work environments.

IntaCept is also pleased to announce the sale of further shares in Round 2 to progress the commercialisation of the IntaCept Tag.

The Company expects that the final prototype will be ready for testing and approval in mid-July.

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Posted by Courtney Barber, ASSOB eNews Editor, ASSOB Pty Ltd.