How the IntaCept Tag Works

IntaCept holds International Patent protection for the IntaCept Tag The IntaCept Tag replaces the paper and plastic stick on tags that are currently used. The IntaCept Tag stores all of the relevant information about the electrical appliance within the electronic tag itself, and is able to communicate with a testing device that automatically updates the information after every test. All data required to be shown on a tag by the Standard and WHS requirements are stored in the Tag, and linked to a Cloud based storage database.

Another unique aspect of the IntaCept Tag is that as the test expiry date approaches it will begin to alert the user with a flashing LED and gentle noise. When the expiry date is exceeded, the IntaCept Tag has the unique ability to shutdown the electrical appliance it is attached to. This ensures that devices cannot be put into service once the testing expiry date is reached.

This is a unique feature that no other PAT tag has, and it gives the IntaCept Tag a unique position in the market.

Once the electrical appliance is re-tested, the IntaCept Tag will be given a new expiry date and will re-enable to allow the appliance to be used once again.