The History Of IntaCept

A detailed design specification for the IntaCept Tag has been writtenIn 2007, John Vanderhout came up with an idea for an electronic tag that would replace current paper based tags used for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), also known as Testing and Tagging. 

Being an electrician, John was familiar with the Testing and Tagging procedures outlined in the Australian and New Zealand Standard (AS/NZ3760). Along with Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements, the Standard requires that certain electrical appliances in workplaces be regularly inspected, tested and tagged. Currently paper or plastic tags are attached to electrical appliances once they are tested.

The IntaCept Tag is an electronic tag that is integrated into the lead of the electrical appliance, which replaces and supersedes current paper and plastic tags. 

In order to bring this product to market, in 2007 John teamed up with electrical engineer Mark Lynn and formed IntaCept Pty Ltd (originally named Inta R&D Pty Ltd).