Commercialisation Australia Skills & Knowledge Grant

In January 2013 IntaCept Pty Ltd was successful in applying for a $62,500 Commercialization Australia (CA) Skills and Knowledge Grant. The aim of this grant is to assist small startup companies to realise the full commercial potential of exciting new ideas. As part of this grant IntaCept was required to commit $12,500 of its own money in order to receive the grant amount of $50,000 from CA.

IntaCept has been very busy throughout 2013 utilising the CA Skills and Knowledge Grant, which was utilised in a number of key areas: 

  1. A complete product specification and production cost analysis was performed. A detailed product specification was written, including electronic circuit design, component selection, and manufacture details. Costing was performed, including sourcing of components and manufacturing. Utilising cost of production to sale price ratios the investigation identified that an appropriate consumer price could be obtained.
  2. Market research undertaken and a potential market identified. An extensive report has been developed and a market was identified in hazardous environments and construction industries. These include building sites, mining and large industry.
  3. Detailed financial modelling was undertaken, with the goal to find a path to market. IntaCept has a clear direction and way forward to commercialise the IntaCept Tag.

If you would like more information, please contact us by email or phone.

John Vanderhout  0412 124 007 
Mark Lynn 0412 998 903