Capital Raising Campaign

ASSOB Pty Ltd today welcomes IntaCept Ltd ACN 128 058 695 (ASSOB Code: ITC) to the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board.

The IntaCept Ltd capital raising campaign has begun!

IntaCept Ltd is seeking to raise $900,000 through an offer to sell 26,750,000 ordinary shares (or 40% equity capital), as outlined in the Company’s investment document, which opened today, 31 January 2014.

Viria Pty Ltd is acting as the ASSOB Sponsor in connection with the IntaCept Ltd capital raising campaign.

IntaCept Ltd is currently available in Earlybird/VIP Status for the benefit of the Company’s network of prospective investors. The IntaCept Ltd Profile Page and can be viewed at and will be transferred to the ASSOB OfferBoard once the Earlybird promotional period has ended.

Posted by Paul Niederer, Chief Executive Officer, ASSOB Pty Ltd